Link building is one of the important SEO tactics that people who are into internet marketing should know about. Basically, link building means building back links to your website. The more number of back links are found in your website, the more it gets noticed by search engine crawlers and the more chances you get of being on top of the search engine results page. To put it simply, link building is like giving your vote of trust to a website, if many web users trust the site, then it will rank higher.

Search engines rate websites before they list the results based on different factors. One of the important parameter with which the result pages rely into is the quality of links that come into the website. In order to do this, SEO experts will build back links to your website using different building methods. With this, your website will be on the higher spot in results pages.

Because of this, some people thought off a way to increase their position in search engine results. The creation of link farms where websites can join and they will automatically have 1000 back links in just a snap are called illegitimate backlinks. This lead to the low quality of results that search engines post because most websites on the top pages are of no relevance to the keywords the searcher is looking for. With this, search engines re-modified their system and had all these link farming branded as spam. Any website that joins a link farm will then be banned for three years from search engines.

In order to avoid these, here are some legitimate building back links techniques that SEO experts use. First is building a website. Not just any website, but quality, easy navigation website that will make the surfers stay on the page. If you have a quality website, webmasters will surely give you a back link.

Other strategies that you can do are article marketing and joining forums. Through article marketing, web users can read your articles found over the net. When users find these articles of quality, then you can be assured of a link back to your website.

Forums on the other hand can be done by hiring professionals who can do it for you or you can do it yourself. In forums, you can build back links by putting something about your business in the signature box. When you make quality articles, links will eventually build up. Blogs are also a way of link building. If you can update it frequently, a network of links will be build over time.

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