One way link building is a great way to increase your site’s prominence in the search engines resulting in a boost in authority and traffic for yourself. Google loves one way links especially, so let’s take a look at some easy ways to go about picking up one way links in this guide to link building.

The first way to go about quality one way link building is to create plain and simple good content. This may sound obvious and simple, but the best way to get people to link to your site is to is to create good content. Establishing good content over time establishes you as an authority in your niche so that people will regularly come to you for content.

Link bait is another method of one way link building. Link bait is content which is especially attractive to other webmasters so that they’ll be very likely to link to it. Examples of this can be knowledge or humor hooks, helpful applications or programs which are unique to your site, or generally any unique content which can’t be found elsewhere.

That part of the guide to link building focused on making content so others would come to you for it. If you want to go out and get your own links, article directories are the first good source of one-way links I’ll address. Ezine itself is an example of an article directory which is great for getting link juice from. Just write an article and put a link in the resource box at the bottom pointing back to your site. Just make sure the article directory offers DOfollow links as there are some notable ones out there which do not. That’s not to say that you should discount them altogether, but you should just exclusively rely on them for traffic as opposed to link juice for your site.

Social bookmarking is another great way to pick up some quality link juice. Again look for the Dofollow tag. It can be another great source of traffic if you don’t get the link juice, however. If you create good content/link bait and share it across the major social sites then it can get picked up and reshared/tweeted/etc. over and over. This is called going “viral”. It’s what everyone wants to happen to their content because once everyone starts linking to it you’ll not only get tons of traffic but potentially tons of valuable link juice, as well.

Trackbacks or pingbacks are special links typically from one blog to another which are created when one blogger links to the content on another bloggers site. It’s like a receipt/thank you/confirmation from one blog to the other that you linked to their content. By creating good content on your site, you can encourage other webmasters to create trackbacks to your content, increasing both your link juice as well as your traffic from their site.

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